Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2021

7 women’s waterproof jackets to rain-proof your winter walks

A way to make sure you’re getting outside more, despite less than ideal weather conditions, is to make sure the walk is actually enjoyable and not just a chore you’re ticking off your mental to-do list. Some strategies to keep it fun are making sure you’ve got an interesting podcast lined up, you’re wearing puddle-proof shoes, and most importantly, you’ve got a good waterproof jacket to keep you dry. A jacket that will keep you warm and dry on a stormy evening (and protect your blow-dry from the rain, of course) will make you a lot more likely to get outside than just suffering through a walk without adequate protection. The rainy season is far from over, so here are eight powerfully waterproof jackets to put the joy back into winter walks.

Thermal lining can often make a jacket heavy or uncomfortable, but the thermal-reflective lining in this Columbia jacket is soft and lightweight but still keeps you nice and warm.

The Attached hood allows you to still see your peripherals, so you can stay dry without losing any of your vision, a big safety bonus for those who prefer to walk at night.

RRP: £180, on sale now for £126 – you save £54

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A detachable waterproof shell with a fleece jumper lining, this jacket is perfect for those chilly winter’s evening.

If you’re finding it stifling you can remove the fleece jumper and wear the shell by itself for waterproof protection without the added warmth.

RRP: £53.99

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Thin, lightweight, and budget-friendly, this fully waterproof jacket is quick-drying and wind resistant, perfect for all seasons.

RRP: £25.99

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Able to roll into a compact size, this breathable waterproof jacket can come with you everywhere so you’re always prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

RRP: £39.15

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Coming in five fun colours, this multi-use jacket can be adjusted to fit the needs of a variety of temperatures and climates, from snowstorms to summer showers.

RRP: £51.99

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Thin and unlined with taped seams, this is a simple waterproof jacket that is durable, windproof, and can be packed down to a tiny size for traveling.

RRP: £28.99

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Using powerfully waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex fabric, this jacket can be trusted to always keep you warm and dry.

RRP: £175, on sale now for £122.50 – you save her £52.50

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North Face is a brand that knows what you need to tackle the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that this waterproof, windproof, breathable, and seam-sealed rain jacket is so good at keeping you dry.

RRP: £100, on sale now for £70 – you save £30

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