Aldi UK news: Special Buy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner on sale now

Aldi’s Special Buys have become a must-see thanks to the cheap supermarket’s unbeatable savings on everything from home goods to beauty products. This week’s offers are the perfect example of how shoppers can buy quality products for less. The supermarket is selling a range of home products that include a nifty gadget for a very reasonable price. 

The vacuum is back at Aldi this week, after going on sale at almost exactly the same time last year. 

One customer shared the link on the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group to find out what shoppers thought of the deal. 

Fans were quick to comment that it was “brilliant”, with one saying: “My daughter in America has one she just switches it on in bedrooms and [by the time] she comes back from shopping her upstairs is hoovered.”

However, others warned about a potential problem for pet owners, as they shared a recent story that went viral. 

The shoppers warned that one dog owner came home to find the robot cleaner had spread her dog’s mess all over the carpet as it “cleaned” her home – so it’s perhaps not the best idea if you have a four-legged friend in the house. 

Despite its low price, it’s also not the cheapest one to have been launched by a UK supermarket. 

Earlier this year, Lidl sold the Vileda Cleaning Robot for just £79.99, a huge 33 percent off the usual price. 

But it’s still a massive price drop compared to market leaders of the high-tech cleaning gadgets. 

However, independent reviewers at Which? last year gave the gadget a positive review, noting that while it’s basic, it still offers value for money. 

“Considering the rock-bottom price, Aldi’s robot vacuum is, unsurprisingly, one of the more basic models we’ve seen in terms of features,” the reviewers wrote. 

“It does have some features that give it the edge over similarly priced rivals, including touch controls and a programmable timer.”

It also has a three-year warranty, takes just 30 minutes to recharge and comes with extra attachments – but the Which? writers warned not to expect a “deep clean”. 

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