Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2020

Alita Battle Angel 2: Will there be a sequel to Alita Battle Angel? | Films | Entertainment

Despite this, there were clues in the first film which ave certainly dropped hints a second may be on the way, including the character of Nova, voiced by Edward Norton.

This character is thoroughly enigmatic, and is screaming for more time to explain himself, as well as the centuries-old life Alita has lived, which she is only just coming to fully understand.

Speaking to Cinemablend, Rodriguez revealed there are huge “documents” which explore these charatcers further, and Cameron has written a “trilogy” of notes already.

He said: “There’s like one whole document about the trilogy. Because that’s just part of his [Cameron’s] process.

“‘Here are three movies. Just so you know what to include in the first story and whatnot’.”

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