Amazon shoppers praise this £35 electric blanket with ‘low energy consumption’ – 4p to run

The weather is getting colder and families are searching for ways to stay warm without increasing the heating bill. Electric blankets have become the latest item to see a surge in popularity as it can provide warmth and comfort.

Brits are looking for ways to minimise their central heating usage with household appliances and electric blankets are the latest to see a rise in sales.

According to Money Saving Expert, it’s only 4p an hour to run an electric blanket, making it one of the most energy-saving items for winter.

Research from Aviva showed that 89 percent more UK adults are expected to have an electric blanket at home compared to last year.

And now shoppers have found the perfect blanket for only £34.99.

Available now, the Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket from Cosi Home comes with three different heat settings for optimum comfort.

It’s soft, comfy and has advanced heating technology to provide edge-to-edge warmth.

Fitting on double beds, it’s also easy to care for and fully machine washable at 40 degrees and the remote is detachable.

Plus, there’s also overheat protection to ensure safety when using it.

There are over 5,000 reviews from shoppers and it’s Amazon choice for electric sheets.

Renata commented: “Offers great comfort for an incredibly affordable price, additionally consumes very little energy.”

John Bates added: “This double blanket is perfect. It has cords to tether it both ways to the mattress under the cover, below the sheet. It’s easy to control and setting three heats up quickly. Level two is really comfortable for sleeping and maybe level one when it’s milder. I can’t detect it underneath me, so all is good.”

MR R also agreed: “The electric blankets make the bed all nice and cosy and keep me nice and comfortable all night. It’s low energy consumption makes it great for warming the bed.”

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