Andrea Bocelli mourns another ‘family’ loss with beautiful message | Music | Entertainment

The international superstar is still on his triumphant major world tour, which will come to the UK on September 18, kicking off in Liverpool, followed by Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield before wrapping up at London’s O2 on September 30 and October 1. However, over the weekend he has also been mourning another personal loss, which follows on from the passing of his beloved mother in May.

The singer has always spoken of the importance of his family, with son Matteo and daughter Virginia both joining him on stage during the current world tour – and on his upcoming new album.

Bocelli is also known for the deeply spiritual tone of his posts online to his fans. When his mother Edi Aringhieri Bocelli, passed away on May 30, te star shared a beautiful one of her smiling in a sun-drenched vineyard with the message: “She will be dearly missed by her loved ones and all of us. She left her earthly home after a long, extraordinary life to join her beloved husband, Sandro, in Heaven.”

He is also deeply connected to nature with a passion for his horses and dogs.

So it is no surprise that he should post a deeply personal and moving tribute to his beloved pooch Chopin.

Alongside an image of the singer cuddling his dog on a beach, he wrote: “After eleven years of silent joy, you lazily left this world without complaint on a hot summer day.

“A lover of peace and quiet (which so rarely reigned in the Bocelli house), you were a wise, affectionate, placid friend to all of us, ready to spread your serenity and the peace you knew how to instill.”

Bocelli added: “You always loved music, Chopin. In keeping with the name you valiantly bore, you showed a particular fondness for the piano. Indeed, you regularly elected to lie down and listen (and sleep) exactly between the pedal and the foot, actually taking part in the music.

“This is for you: you were and will remain a part of us, a greeting, a smile, a thought full of gratitude and sweet memories.”

The touching message is signed off from “Your family.”

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