Anthony Joshua delivers powerful and inspiring speech at Black Lives Matter rally | Boxing | Sport

“I’m going to be real with you about gang culture, I’m down to ride 100 per cent but what you have to realise is it’s done, it is done, trust me, unless you want to be sitting in jail spending years upon years of your only life that you have thinking about yeah they can lock the locks but they can’t stop the clocks.

“That’s all done because there’s too much cameras, too much intelligence, all the OGs that I know are telling me, ‘Bro, it’s finished. It’s finished’. Gang life is finishing, that’s what we’re saying, I know that, I’m not promoting no gangster business.

“I’m a legit straight-forward hustler, that’s just in my DNA and in my blood. I know I’ve taken my street knowledge and taken it to the corporate world and I’ve gained a lot of respect in that sense.

“This postcode war. How many houses do we own on that postcode that we’re fighting for? Let’s inject the vaccine.

“Every life matters. 100 per cent I agree with that but that includes black lives and that’s why we’re here today.

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