Avengers Endgame theory: Iron Man fight hand-to-hand to be like Captain America | Films | Entertainment

The theorist then went on to point out some evidence from across MCU movies.

They continued: “In the first Iron Man movie almost every attack orients around military weapons and energy projections (tank missiles, energy blasts). 

“In The Avengers Tony started fighting more on land (landing a blast reflection on Cap’s shield), he fought Hulk WWE style in Age of Ultron, and the famous fistfight in Civil War against Cap and Bucky. 

“At this point, Tony and Steve have already developed from a faint acknowledgement to a respectable rivalry against one another, so as a child that has always lived in the shadow of this unshakable symbol of righteousness, his style consistently evolves to catch up to his hero, but Tony will never admit it.”

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