Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2020

Barcelona and Lionel Messi transfer agreement expected to bypass £626.5m release clause | Football | Sport

“It is true he is 33, but I am sure he has still three or four years at his best level ahead of him.

“Having said that, how can you pay for him?

“Real Madrid gave a gift selling Cristiano Ronaldo for €100m because he is showing he is still really valuable and will be for another couple of years.

“I don’t know – [the cost] is something that has to be fixed. I am sure nobody will pay €700m (£626.5m), but that will not be the point.

“I am also sure Messi will try to get any fee for Barcelona. How many million? I honestly don’t know.

“The club who sign him will be lucky but also will have a huge salary to be paid. He really deserves it, though. The value he adds to a team is priceless.”

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