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Gemma Cairney is a DJ, podcaster and documentary-maker, known for her bubbly personality and love of music. She has now launched the second series of her podcast, Sorry Not Sorry, which asks celebrities about their favourite ways to relax and unwind – perfect during these stressful times. Speaking exclusively to, Gemma revealed what has helped her – and what she purchased when the lockdown panic-buying began.

Gemma said for her, during the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to people on the phone has been a great way to connect during the lockdown.

But there’s one way to make this happen, and for Gemma, it included a very important purchase during the panic-buying stage before the lockdown was imposed.

She said: “I always have been championing a phone call over a message.

“When everyone was panic-buying, I panic-bought a house phone.

“So before lockdown, there was this thing of subconsciously needing to get what we need in case we had to be in one place, and I have been going on about getting a house phone for ages as I think it’s a nice way to speak to somebody instead of a mobile by your ear.”

For Gemma, the new technology has been a lot to get to grips with, including a moment where she was caught off-guard while talking to a friend.

She said: “I try to make Zoom just for work or special occasions because it’s really crisp, so it’s compartmentalising the connections.

“I just deleted Houseparty because I was finding it socially-anxiety inducing!

“I had one moment on Houseparty with a mate, who brought their mate in accidentally, but I was checking it out for the first time in the bath with a glass of wine.

“And then my friend’s mate suddenly was there and then suddenly her mate was there. So I thought that app was slightly intrusive.”

Gemma finds speaking on a home phone stops you from being distracted or trying to do too many things at once.

She added: “It is symbolic of how I feel about connection and conversation.

“I think conversation is key and a nice way of connecting with people and getting to know people or just seeing someone when you haven’t caught up for ages…

“I am an extrovert but I’m also an introvert and as I calm down a little bit and get a bit older I’m relishing the time to be a bit more introverted.

“I have been running around a lot and it’s an interesting to to find balance again and just be, just have a cup of tea.”

Gemma’s key to chilling and finding time for herself during the coronavirus is connection with others, and making sure to be kind to ourselves over our productivity.

Gemma’s podcast, Sorry Not Sorry, is available on Spotify now

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