Published On: Tue, Sep 1st, 2020

BBC urged to BAN left wing comedy shows and rectify bias – ‘Shut it down!’ | UK | News

The BBC’s new commissioner, Tim Davie, has vowed to tackle alleged left-wing bias in the corporation’s comedy shows. Some programmes could be axed altogether, while others will have to ensure they project a wider range of views on issues such as Brexit. readers have overwhelmingly backed such a move, if the plans were to go ahead.

A poll, carried out from 12pm-9pm on September 1, asked: “Do you back the new BBC commissioner’s plans to axe left wing comedy?”

The vast majority, 88 percent (6,031 people) responded “yes”, while 11 percent (692 people) voted “no”.

One percent (92 people) of the 6,815 people surveyed opted for “don’t know”.

Readers took to the comments to explain why they backed the overhaul of the BBC’s comedy shows.

One person said: “Well it’s sounding a much better prospect.

“For too long the corporation has been like an especially tailored channel for those with very left views almost in order to cradle them.

“Many items get left completely out of the news so as not to disturb their comfort.”

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One person said: “Get rid of the bias, whether it be left or right.

“The BBC should be non political.”

Another user wrote: “Just get a balance – it’s not rocket science.”

Mr David will give his first speech as the new director-general of the BBC on Thursday.

He is set to outline plans to restore “trust and confidence” in the BBC.

While nothing has yet been formalised, he is expected to rectify alleged left-wing bias in its comedy shows.

Over the years, the BBC has faced accusations their comedy shows on both TV and radio are unfairly biased against the Tories, Donald Trump and Brexit.

Programmes such as The Now Show on Radio 4, Have I Got News For You and even the children’s show Horrible Histories have all faced a backlash from the Tory party.

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