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warned heavy outbursts of showers will batter the whole country throughout the next few days, starting today from Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. The BBC forecaster, however, said temperatures will gradually soar this week as a band of high pressure will soon take control over the country. She said: “High pressure still clinging on by the skin of its teeth but this is what’s going to bring rain later on in the day to the north-west. A couple of weather fronts.

“We’re starting off with the odd spot of showers and not much more than that. Fair bit of cloud around, some sunny breaks developing.

“But through the day we could see some odd shower across the northern England, southern and central England, but it will be fairly isolated and there will be some sunny breaks developing.

“But we’ll also see the cloud thickening across Northern Ireland and western Scotland and eventually we’ll start to see some rain coming in.

“As we head on through the evening and overnight that rain will continue eastwards and southwards. Still quite a bit of cloud around but some clear skies around, maybe the odd shower.

“Temperatures: for most of us it’s not going to be as cool as the night that has gone. We’re looking at double figures in the south, 8C to 10C as we push further north.”

She added: “Tomorrow, we pick up our band of rain, it’s going to move southwards and eastwards and that could be some heavy bursts in this. Ahead of it we could see some showers in the south-east, some of those could be heavy and thundery as well.”

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Low pressure is expected to move in from the north west of the country and bring with it more unsettled weather this week.

The next few days are expected to see temperatures continuing to be low, but they are due to soar to highs of 25C next weekend.

The Met Office has said temperatures from Friday June 12 are expected to continue to be above average generally.

The Met Office said: “The first few days of the period, including next weekend and into the start of the following week, should see the driest brightest weather across northern areas of the UK, particularly western Scotland.

“Elsewhere, conditions will be rather changeable with some sunshine but also areas of rain or showers.

May 2020 has been the sunniest calendar month on record in the UK with 626 hours of bright sunshine.

Dr Mark McCarthy is the head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, he said: “The most remarkable aspect is just how much some of the May and Spring records for these climate statistics have been exceeded.

“Exceeding the UK sunshine record is one thing, but exceeding by over 70 hours is truly exceptional.

“The sunshine figures for spring would even be extremely unusual for summer and only three summers would beat Spring 2020 for sunshine hours.”

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