Birmingham street party chaos after five injured by shotgun – Armed police deployed | UK | News

Armed police rushed to the scene at 1.45am on Monday morning, after reports of a firearms discharge. The West Midlands Police confirmed that one man was found with multiple pellet wounds to his legs while four others, two men and two women, also suffered minor pellet injuries. The road has been shut for a forensic examination while detectives search to seize and review CCTV.

Police believe a large crowd had gathered for a street party before chaos broke out in the early hours of the morning.

The incident took place around Dudley Road in Winson Green.

Birmingham Police Chief Inspector Pervez Mohammed, said: “This is a hugely reckless act, discharging a shotgun in a crowded space, and it is lucky no-one was seriously hurt.

“Our detectives have moved quickly to seize some potentially very significant CCTV and we’ll be progressing that today to try and identify offenders.

“It also needs stressing that large gatherings like this during the CoVID-19 health pandemic are completely unacceptable and dangerous.

“We understand there may have been in excess of 100 people gathered for this street party.

“They were causing concern among residents and major traffic disruption.

“Large gatherings are still banned because there is a risk of the virus spreading.

“If we have encountered any large gatherings we have been encouraging people to disperse – but we will enforce and issue fines if necessary.”

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