Boris Johnson Brexit showdown with von der Leyen confirmed – sources | UK | News

European sources told the high-level meeting was finally confirmed for June 15 after weeks of wrangling over a potential date. The two sides are yet to confirm whether the summit will be held remotely or in person. But it is understood video talks are currently favoured. 

The UK and EU hope the political intervention will inject urgency into the talks that have failed to move beyond a series of fundamental disagreements.

The meeting comes just days before European leaders are due to sit down for their June summit. 

EU officials officials were hoping to use the European Council to discuss Brexit before the coronavirus outbreak.


Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, yesterday said: “I hope high-level discussions with Prime Minister Johnson, that will take place this month, will provide a new political impetus to our toolbox.

“With determination on both sides, I am convinced we can overcome the difficulties.”

Mr Johnson is understood to be keen to push an new intensified negotiating timetable in order to reach a political understanding this summer.

The Prime Minister has told colleagues the UK must be prepared to walk away from the talks if Brussels attempts to drag its feet into the autumn.

Mr Barnier is said to have agreed his own October 31 cut-off point for the negotiations.

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