Published On: Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020

Boris Johnson could SCRAP two metre distancing guideline as he gives big hint in briefing | UK | News

Boris Johnson has stunned Brits by admitting that the two metre rule could be gone sooner than expected. Currently the Government guideline allow people to meet up from different households as long as they stay two metres apart. The two metre rule was implemented as a social distancing measure to reduce the chances of the coronavirus transmitting in public.

The Prime Minister told the daily briefing: “We are seeing continuous falls in this disease, in deaths, in incidents.

“That’s why we’ve been able to take the very cautious steps that we have.

“We want to take some more steps to unlock our society and try to get back to as normal as possible.

“Eventually I would like to do such things as reducing the two metre rule, for instance.”

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He continued: “All those changes, all that future progress depends entirely on our ability to keep reducing the incidence and driving down that disease.

“That depends on us following the basic rules: washing your hands, self-isolate if you have symptoms, take a test and observe social distancing.”

Mr Johnson reiterated the updated the restrictions, including the allowance of groups of up to six meeting while socially distant.

However, he also emphasised the importance of inside spaces, especially as the weather begins to turn.

He added: “The evidence shows that the risks of transmission are much lower outdoors.

“The risk of passing on the virus is significantly higher indoors.

“Which is why gatherings inside other people’s homes are still prohibited.

“Breaking these rules now could undermine and reverse all the progress we’ve made together.

“I’ve no doubt that won’t happen, I think the British public will continue to show the same resolve they have been.”

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