Published On: Sun, May 24th, 2020

Boris Johnson forced to skip BBC over tech difficulty ‘Absolute comedy’ | UK | News

The BBC’s Iain Watson suffered a technical difficulty that resulted in there being no sound when he was asking the Prime Minister a question during the daily coronavirus press conference. Boris Johnson later came back to the BBC journalist but Mr Watson was still having audio issues. Someone could then be seen helping Mr Watson in the background before he was eventually able to ask the Prime Minister a question. 

The Prime Minister said: “I think you need to unmute Iain.

“Can we get Iain’s audio?

“I can kind of lip-read but I think we are going to need to move on.

“I am so sorry Iain can we come back to you?”

Following questions from other journalists Mr Johnson said: “We are going to go back to Iain Watson of the BBC.”

Mr Watson then began talking but no sound could be heard.

Someone in the background came over to help the BBC journalist with the technical difficulty he was experiencing.

The BBC journalist asked: “Prime Minister can you hear me now?”

Mr Johnson replied: “I can yes.”

Some viewers took to social media to discuss the audio issue. 

One Twitter user said: “He’s still muted BBC get this man some training!”

Another tweeted: “Absolute comedy. Get a IT technician for the BBC.”

More to follow…

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