Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2020

Boris Johnson tarot: ‘Challenging weeks’ and ‘difficult choices’ amid Covid-19 outbreak

“As Prime Minister, he is under pressure to take care of everyone, but I think he needs to take a look at budgeting again – it could indicate that Boris has to make an unpleasant choice.

“The Lovers reversed definitely indicates that he is struggling with a decision, if anything I think it shows that he will have to make a financial choice between one group or another, but in what context it will be evident is still a mystery.

“Likely either decision will make many people unhappy, but if he chooses to go with his gut its overall outcome if the next card isn’t a sign enough, would have been worth it.”

Freya then also analysed the third and final card (Death) and revealed what it showed her: “Although it is the Tarot card that many people fear, Death generally does not mean physical death. And I think in this spread it represents a transformation and a time of change and new beginnings.

“With the coronavirus crisis being on everyone’s mind, it’s no surprise that something in the spread would come up to directly relate to the virus. Especially when Boris and the UK coronavirus pandemic are so closely interlocked.

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