Published On: Tue, Sep 21st, 2021

Boris meets Biden LIVE: Ireland border ruled out by President as US-UK trade deal dashed | Politics | News

President Joe Biden has vowed the US will compete internationally and protect their allies, however, insists he has no interest in fostering a hostile international climate like that seen in the Cold War. 

He said all the major powers of the world have a duty to carefully manage their relationships, so they do not tip from responsible competition to conflict.

President Biden said: “The United States will compete and will compete vigorously.

“We will lead with our values and our strength will stand up for our allies and our friends, and oppose attempts by stronger countries and dominate weaker ones, whether through changes to territory by force, economic coercion, technical exploitation or disinformation.

“But we’re not seeking, and I will say it again, we are not seeking a new Cold War, or a world divided into rigid blocks.”

He went on to say that the United States is ready to work with any nation that steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to share challenges “even if we have intense disagreements in other areas, because we’ll all suffer the consequences of our failure”.

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