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A group of major Brexit organisations and key individuals have sent Boris Johnson a letter, titled “Deal or Walk”, that they claim reflects the “views of millions of voters”. They state the “only reasonable and practical action is to call a halt” to the trade talks with the EU, as the claim the negotiations have gone on long enough.

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe is among the letter’s signatories and shared the document on Twitter.

He wrote: “I was very happy to sign this letter.

“@DavidGHFrost has been patient so far, but it’s now reached the point of ‘Deal or Walk’.

“This has dragged on for long enough.”

The letter was sent to the Prime Minister last night and outlines the mood of the country’s Brexit organisations.

It reads: “Three trade deal deadlines have now passed: 30 June, 31 July and 15 October.

“This Thursday 19 November the EU27 leaders are meeting and it was hoped a deal would be ready to be discussed.

“Sadly the EU remains intransigent on fundamental matters which are entirely normal when dealing with an independent and sovereign country, and the UK-EU trade deal is not even on the agenda at its meeting.

“In light of the EU’s behaviour, the only reasonable and practical action is to call a halt.

“The United Kingdom cannot be trapped in negotiations where the other party’s priorities are not trade, but political ideology and the desire to see a departing country be damaged.

“The UK’s economic interests, jobs, and freedoms must now come first.”

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