Brexit news: Britons furious at EU fishing demand – ‘Money can’t buy freedom!’ | Politics | News

Brexit talks remain deadlocked over the contentious issue of fishing and angry Britons have hit out against the EU’s recent plot for its fisherman to catch just six miles from the UK coast. readers warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson “enough is enough” and said it was about time he told the EU it was the UK’s “final offer” on fishing.

Another posted: “Why is Boris still talking to these idiots?”

One added: “Why on Earth would the UK allow this? What is in it for us? Not like there is even any goodwill left between us anymore!

“Only reason negotiations have gone on for so long is because of the amount of Remainers we have.”

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One posted: “We have told you Boris. Brexit means Brexit and that includes: NO FISH, NO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, NO TO EU ECJ INTERFERENCE, NO TO EU STATE, AID INTERFERENCE, NO MORE EXTENSIONS, NO MORE ££B’S.


Another said: “They are having a laugh, six miles. I am sick and tired of all their pathetic demands. After this give them nothing. They are our waters. Enough is enough leave now, with no deal.”

An reader wrote: “It’s simple. Tell them that they’ve had our FINAL offer on fishing, no more discussions on it.”

Another said: “What will it take for Boris to put a stop to the talks. Enough is enough. Boris owes it to our fishermen to be back in business and make a decent living from the dangerous work they do.”


With less than four weeks left until the UK finally exits the EU’s orbit on December 31, both sides are asking each other to compromise on fishing, state aid and how to resolve any future disputes.

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