Britons in danger of ‘sleighing Santa’ with unswept chimneys and loose roof tiles

A poll of 2,000 homeowners and renters found 51 percent have ‘no intention’ of making their house Santa-safe ahead of the 25th. Though a kind-hearted 32 percent have checked his arrival won’t be scuppered by an accident, and 16 percent are intending to do so before he arrives. But one in six (15 percent) leave their Christmas tree lights on overnight, while one in five (20 percent) admit to overloading power sockets to accommodate even more twinkling lights.

A nervous 30 percent fear their lights could be a fire hazard, with a further 21 percent not sure if their electrical wiring is up to safety standards.

And one in 10 (10 percent) said their Christmas lights were at least eight years old.

Almost half (48 percent) said they don’t know how often their chimney should be swept, with a third (32 percent) admitting theirs had never been cleaned.

In a spoof of the Government’s Covid-19 ‘hands, face, space’ message, has launched a ‘Roof, Chimney, Lights’ campaign to help remind homeowners to make their place safe for the ‘big man’.

The 90-second alternative Christmas message is part of the ‘Know Your Home’ campaign, aiming to educate the nation in how to keep their house up to scratch.

The video features a joyful Father Christmas issuing a heartfelt plea so he can ensure presents arrive without there being an ‘elf and safety issue.

It comes after a present-loving 75 per cent of adults said they have already gone the extra mile to ensure he can drop off gifts without coming a cropper.

An adorable 24 per cent of kids said to be ‘worried about Santa’s safety’ are leading the charge to ensure their home is spick-and-span for Rudolph and friends.

Almost four in 10 (39 percent) adults did not know that blocked chimneys can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

A further one in four (26 percent) said they would not be able to detect the signs of this deadly issue.

And 45 per cent do not check for slipped or missing tiles from their roof.

Carl Goulding from MyBuilder said: “It’s been a long year and we all want to enjoy a stress-free Christmas, so avoiding a festive disaster is vital.

“Making your home safe for Santa is a fun way to ensure it’s safe for everyone all year round – and all you need is the help of a quality tradesperson.”


– Electrocuted by faulty Christmas lights.

– Poisoned by carbon monoxide when sliding down the chimney.

– Slipping on a faulty roof tile.

– Caught on fire caused by an overloaded plug socket.

– Stabbed with a fire poker when coming down the chimney.

– Tripping over in the dark living room because the fuses have blown.

– Splinter from a Christmas tree.

– Choking on milk and cookies

– Crashing his sleigh after drinking to much brandy

– Getting covered in black soot from an uncleaned chimney

Three top tips:

1. The easiest way to check your roof for issues is to pop up into the attic during the day and check for any light coming through any gaps in the tiles – if you see any, contact a roofer.

2. If you have a fuel-burning stove you should get your chimney cleaned at least once a year to make sure there are no dangerous blockages.

3. Don’t overload your plug sockets or leave Christmas lights on overnight to avoid the risk of fire – if you’re worried about your wiring, find an electrician to check things out.

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