Britpop quiz questions and answers: Test your knowledge on Britpop – can YOU beat the quiz | Music | Entertainment

8. Where was the greyhound stadium on the cover of Blur’s Parklife, a stadium which is now closed?

9. Which song’s music video featured Supergrass riding around on bicycles? (Hint: Steven Spielberg liked it so much he almost made a TV show about them.)

10. Richard Ashcroft is the frontman of which Britpop band?

11. Blur frontman Damon Albarn launched a side project with artist Jamie Hewlett of a “virtual band” consisting of four animated members – what is it called?

12. What are the opening lyrics to Elastica’s song connection?

13. What is the name of the final Oasis album, released in 2008?

14. How many Brit Awards has Blur won in their entire career?

15. The Verve have been twice nominated for a Grammy Award, but for the same song – which song was it?

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