Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

Camilla and Charles face poignant milestone – ‘Let Diana stop being third one in marriage’ | Royal | News

Camilla and Prince Charles celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last month while self-isolating at their Scottish home in Birkhall. To publicly mark their special day, the royal couple released a picture showing the Prince of Wales and the Duchess in casual attire sitting on the porch of their residence. 

However, another vital milestone is approaching for Camilla and Charles.

On May 10, Camilla and Charles’s marriage will have officially lasted longer than the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana’s.

This milestone, royal expert Patricia Treble believes, should help change the conversation surrounding Charles and Camilla.

In an op-ed written for Canadian magazine Maclean, Ms Treble said: “A more important milestone comes a month later on May 10. 

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“That’s when the length of Prince Charles’s marriage to Camilla will exceed that of his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales.

“And surely that should mark a tipping point, the moment we talk less about the epic tragedy of Charles and Di and focus more on the epic love story of Charles and Camilla.”

Ms Treble highlighted how Princess Diana continues to be present, either as a term of comparison with the Duchess of Cornwall or to be paid tribute to, in the conversation surrounding Charles and Camilla’s work and love life.

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Princess Diana famously said during her groundbreaking Panorama interview in 1995 there were “three of us in this marriage”.

Ms Treble believes since Prince Charles and Camilla announced their union in 1999 the situation was turned upside down and it was Princess Diana who unwillingly remained “caught in that triangle”.

The expert said: “Diana never got to find lasting love after her relationship with Charles imploded.



“They separated in November 1992, and their marriage finally ended on its 5,509th day, Aug. 28, 1996.

“A year later, Diana died in Paris.

“But she remains caught in that triangle she so famously lamented. 

“Even now, rarely a day goes by when Diana’s name isn’t mentioned alongside those of Charles and Camilla.

“And neither, it seems, can Camilla have her own day as princess.”

During the past 15 years, Camilla managed to conquer the love of many in the country and is now admired for her royal work and commitment to projects close to her heart. 

The Queen herself publicly shown her admiration for the Duchess of Cornwall by granting her, in 2012, the rank of dame grand cross of the Royal Victorian Order, an award made personally by the monarch “for services to the Sovereign.”

Given Charles and Camilla’s happy marriage, their commitment to their royal duties and the harmony that appears to reign within the Royal Family when it comes to this couple’s union, Ms Treble believes May 10 should mark a new occasion to let Princess Diana leave this triangle.

She said: “Surely now it’s time for people to talk about the success of Charles and Camilla, and let Diana cease to be the third one in their marriage.”    

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