Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2021

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall video: Duchess ‘attempts re-brand’ after The Crown backlash

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, did not have an easy start to royal life as public perception of her was marred by the affair she and Prince Charles, 72, had during his marriage to first wife Princess Diana. While Camilla’s popularity has grown in recent years, she and Charles faced a furious backlash following the fictional portrayal of their affair in season four of The Crown which came out last year.

The couple were targeted by vicious trolls on Twitter, prompting them to suspend comments on their Clarence House account.

Last week Camilla launched a new project and became the first Royal Family member to start an online book club.

The Clarence House Reading Room initiative kicked off on Instagram and Camilla shared a selection of her favourite books with fans.

On Tuesday, Clarence House shared a new clip of Camilla discussing the inspiration behind about her book club on Twitter.

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The tweet read: “Her Royal Highness’s Reading Room launched last week on Instagram:

“Here, The Duchess talks about her hopes for #TheReadingRoom.”

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed the new clip of Camilla for and shared her findings.

According to the analyst, Camilla Reading Room initiative sees her attempt to restore her public image following the outrage sparked by the latest season of The Crown.

Judi added: “Slumped in her chair in front of a fire, Camilla uses the gestures of someone telling us what we should already know instead of someone inspiring us to pick up a book and read.”

Judi claimed the Duchess’s gestures suggest a lack of enthusiasm or “defensiveness.”

The expert said: “Her head shakes from side to side as though explaining the obvious and one shoulder-shrug adds to that impression.

“Unlike Fergie, Camilla has chosen to speak in the style of an interview to someone off-camera rather than looking straight at her audience and she even adopts a slightly defensive tone in parts.”

Camilla’s “slumped” posture is markedly different from fellow senior royals, including the Queen who “tend to sit upright.”

Judi claimed: “All the other royals, including the Queen, tend to sit upright or even lean towards their audience in a bid to engage and inspire them but Camilla’s leaning away from the camera pose makes her appear still wary of public opinion and her tone sounds rather weary here.”

The expert added “weary” Camilla’s body language suggests she was battling awkwardness in the clip.

Judi said: “Her hands do engage at moments to add some emphasis although they form small ‘throwaway’ gestures as opposed to anything less unassuming.

“The finger-steeple gesture is a signature one that, like Angela Merkle’s use of it, looks deliberately adopted to prevent any traits that might suggest anxiety or awkwardness.”

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