Camilla Duchess of Cornwall’s facialist on how to make skin glow

The Royal Family are always prepped, primed and ready for the cameras at formal events and royal engagements, but it takes a team of experts to help them to look their best. For years, the Duchess of Cornwall, 72, has seen the same skincare specialist to keep her skin looking good. Camilla has been open about her visits to A-list facialist Deborah Mitchell, who has treated both the Duchess and her husband, Prince Charles, 71, in recent years. 

“Firstly, tell the family that you need some guilt-free ‘me-time’, an hour or so away from the bustle of kids, chores and endless food prep where you can put yourself first,” commented Deborah.

“I always start my night-time facial about an hour before I go to bed, because it not only prepares me for a good sleep, but it gives me the time to really take care of my skin. I light a couple of my favourite candles to create the perfect ambiance to rest and relax – as if I was in a spa or salon. Me-time is the foundation of the perfect glow!”

But while a nourishing skincare routine will give you a taste of the salon treatments you might be missing, Deborah said that factors outside your beauty routine could be affecting your complexion. 

The celebrity facialist said dry skin is a particular problem for her VIP clients in lockdown. 

“With social distancing and self-isolating now becoming the norm, you may notice that your complexion is starting to show the strain. Whether it’s excessive hand washing, lack of exercise or not drinking enough water, many of us are suffering drier skin than usual. My VIP clients are telling me dry skin is becoming an issue!” revealed Deborah. 

However, this can easily be remedied by making a few changes to your lifestyle, even while you’re stuck at home – and boosting hydration will even have an anti-ageing effect. 

“It’s essential that you maintain your hydration levels by carrying a litre bottle filled with water around the house with you, and making sure you drink it all each day – believe me, your complexion will thank you for it. Lack of fluids can really exacerbate dry skin, causing dry and itchy patches, uneven and dull tone, and more noticeable fine lines,” warned Deborah. 

Unfortunately, swapping water for a nice hot cup of tea isn’t going to cut it, though – and it may even make things worse. 

“Tea and coffee won’t offer relief for dry skin because they are both diuretic; tea contains tannins, which were once used to dry meat, while coffee stimulates the kidneys. In fact, if you’re enjoying more warm milky drinks at the moment you may notice other issues with your skin – cutting out the dairy can help tackle acne breakouts, rosacea and eczema as well as boost tone and texture,” added Deborah. 

It’s not only your skin that can be affected, however, as Deborah explained: “Lack of hydration can also show in your eyes; perhaps you’re noticing more sleep in the corners during the day, redness, blurred vision or headaches. It’s essential you up your drinking levels to ensure your body stays as healthy as possible during this time.”

But it’s not just the drinks in the kitchen that can have an effect on how soft and supple your skin is looking; the celebrity skincare pro also swears by plenty of vegetables. 

“One of the most effective ways to keep your skin in good condition during the lockdown is to eat a varied diet. Mix up the colours of your vegetables – think traffic lights, with each colour representing what your body needs – and add to this things like olives, olive oils, nuts and avocados to improve your skin’s elasticity. Boost your immunity with citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, spinach, turmeric and green tea,” advised Deborah. 

However, the facialist said there’s one in particular that could make a marked difference both inside and out. 

“Mushrooms really are magical, thanks to their antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties,” revealed Deborah. 

“Because they are a fungus your body becomes more alert when you eat them, and gears up to fight off nasties. They can also help boost your immune system and improve the microbes in your gut, reflecting beautifully on your skin!”

Deborah also commented that stress will make any skin problem worse, advising everyone to smile more often. 

“Happiness is one of our greatest immunity boosters and it makes your skin glow!” said Deborah, who recommended keeping in touch with your family and finding things to laugh about – something that her royal clients will no doubt be doing during the lockdown as they keep in touch remotely. 

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