Camilla Parker Bowles news: Prince Charles dismantled tiara for Duchess

Camilla Parker Bowles has been seen wearing a gorgeous demi-parure of diamonds. Consisting of a diamond necklace and earrings, the glamorous gems have been work by the Duchess to a number of events.

The tiara was put to good use, and Camilla prefers it for high profile events..

This includes the “Diamond Serpent Necklace”. The Duchess was given the piece by Prince Charles in 2001.

The necklace, in the shape of a snake, features round and square-cut diamonds.

The Prince also gifted Camilla a necklace, featuring a huge pink topaz, five pearl strands and a diamond clasp.

Additionally, the Duchess has been given many royal jewels on loan to wear, including many that once belonged to the Queen mother.

She has the Queen Mother’s Amethyst Heart necklace, which she wore to the Royal World Premiere of James Bond film Skyfall at Royal Albert Hall on October 23, 2012.

The necklace is made the purple quartz and pearls and was a gift to the Queen Mother at her wedding in 1923 from Queen Alexandra.

Camilla’s engagement ring also once belonged to the Queen Mother.

Camilla’s necklace for her engagement party to Prince Charles hinted at peace.

It’s a multi-strand pearl necklace with a diamond and amethyst clasp.

The pretty clasp is suspended on three strands of pearls, and the purple centre stone is lozenge shape.

Amethyst has been used in the past to bring calmness and peace.

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