Camilla Parker Bowles news: Prince Charles wife wore necklace with family sentiment

One such piece is a large and eye-catching choker Camilla has worn since becoming a member of the Royal Family in 2005. However, she wears the piece less these days.

This necklace is the three-strand pearl choker with an aquamarine clasp.

The huge square aquamarine is set in gold with diamonds, a lavish style.

It is one of a number of necklaces in this style, but maybe one of the most sentimental.

It has been in Camilla’s collection a long time and the Duchess has been wearing it since long before she married Prince Charles, at least the 70s.

However, it is not a gift from her former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

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Huge chokers are less popular now, but additionally, Camilla may wish to wear less jewellery showing off her wealth in recent times.

The Duchess does have one necklace she wears for pretty much every event, from a low key trip to state banquets.

This is the four-strand pearl necklace with a diamond clasp. She has a similar necklace with a large diamond clasp but wears the smaller one more often.

it is a clear favourite of Camilla’s, which she is thought to have owned since 2010.

The Duchess wore the necklace for her 70th birthday portrait, to the Garden Party and to the Queen’s 90th Birthday Service among other events.

Camilla attended an event with Charles, Prince William, Kate and Her Majesty the Queen, last night.

They appeared at Windsor to listen to the Salvation Army Band.

However, according to a body language expert, Camilla was “distracted” at the event.

Judi James told “Judi James told “It is Kate who engages in conversation with the Queen, while Charles stands on the other side of the line-up.

“All the royals here look very dutiful, with their hands clasped in front of their torsos as they wait to speak to the Queen, although Camilla appears to have been distracted and is turned away in this crucial line-up.”

Judi added: “The Queen then actively chats to the band, engaging Charles in the conversation while Camilla stands back slightly, with her rigidly-placed arms suggesting an air of tension or awkwardness.”

It came after Camilla and Charles both received online vitriol causing Clarence House to turn the comments off its Instagram account.

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