Camilla Parker Bowles: Prince Charles wife wears blue – hit with trolls

Camilla looked lovely and festive in a deep blue velvet dress and matching jacket. Behind her was a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree and a guard, who cheekily beamed at the camera.

However, fans came to Camilla’s defence.

“People writing ‘Diana’ seriously need to grow up!” one said.

Another said: “This is about a children’s hospice, how even in the absolute worse conditions it’s important that sick & terminal children can experience an event to make THEIR day just a little bit better.”

“Go find another page for this. Don’t discredit Camilla,” another said.

This follows a trend of increased online trolling aimed at the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall since the latest season of The Crown aired on Netflix.

In the wake of The Crown season four, Clarence House turned off responses to tweets.

It came after the season, which detailed the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The storyline reignited public anger towards Camilla in some viewers, causing the couple to be hit by a wave of hate online.

A body language expert analysed Camilla’s body language in the wake of Diana’s death in 1997.

She told “In the wake of Diana’s death Camilla’s body language resembled one of the foxes that she loved to pursue on a hunt.

“Hiding from the cameras she was seen weaving in between and diving behind people in the crowds at the events she attended, often with a facial expression that suggested some levels of fear.”

Camilla’s response reflected anger that was levelled at her during the time, as Prince Charles has recently admitted to their relationship.

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