Camilla Parker Bowles: Princess Diana’s death left her like ‘foxes she loved to pursue’

She was previously married to Andrew Parker Bowles, and Prince Charles was famously married to Princess Diana. Though Camilla and Charles married in 2005, a recent season of The Crown has explored their past.

Judi went on: “The royal PR machine worked wonders with Prince Charles’s second wife, though, re-launching the woman with a warm, inoffensive and rather kindly-looking smile slowly and steadily to the point where she was not only accepted by the public, but also gaining her own fan base as future Queen.

“A new generation of royal-watchers saw this rather shy, middle-aged woman who clearly made the often tetchy Prince happy and her role in the biggest, most tragic soap opera the Royal Family has ever known faded into the mists of time as a result.

“There were signals of integration from the Queen and from Princes William and Harry, suggesting we should all take their lead and forgive, forget and move on.”

Social media platforms such as Twitter are still full of angry sentiments towards Charles and Camilla, though, decades later.

The Crown season five has depicted the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla during his marriage to Princess Diana.

The Crown has been described as a “hatchet job” by former Buckingham Palace press secretary, Dickie Arbiter.

He said: “It’s a hatchet job on Prince Charles and a bit of a hatchet job on Diana. You have to ask, is it necessary?”

Judi Finnigan claimed: “We’ve reached season 4 and the production’s original commitment to truth, accuracy and fairness is nowhere to be seen.”

She added: “People will come away from The Crown loathing Prince Charles as a brute rather than a decent man locked in a horribly misconceived marriage.”

At a recent event Judi claimed Camilla appeared “increasingly anxious and wary” at an event this month. 

“When Camilla is with Charles now, as she was at the end of William and Kate’s rail tour, she will often hold back or look rigid or even distracted,” Judi explained.

“Her role as her husband’s support is still obvious though and when he looks at her or engages her she will respond with a smile and some good humored-looking words, but her rituals do seem to veer between extremes.”

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