Published On: Sun, Jun 7th, 2020

Career horoscope Leo: 2020 insights for Leo star sign

However, Leo tends to exaggerate their money spending and although this will keep them smiling and happy, they must be careful to save for the future. says: “A perfectionist, Leo bristles at team members who seem to coast. This natural leader inspires others, but may not always be the easiest co-worker.”

This year, Leo must listen to others thoughts and opinions and take them onboard in the workplace, this will open up their friendships in the job and may even create stronger ones outside. continues: “Leos are natural performers, and they need to use these skills in the workplace in order to be happy and fulfilled. They make great leaders as well, whether it’s a small team or the whole corporation. Whatever the case, Leos needs to feel seen and heard on the job.”

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