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Liang Jing, a teacher at a school in China, told Sky News that in order to pass the Gaokao examinations – or National College Entrance Examination, students must praise the Chinese Government’s approach to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak within the country. The teacher added that students will not score highly on the test if they insult the Government.

Wang Xiaosai, a Gaokao student said: “Our teacher gave us homework like summing up the news during the epidemic.”

One of the topics students must examine is how disasters can make a country strong using the example of China’s response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Teacher Liang Jing said: “There is a newspaper which represents China’s official voice, a voice from the Government.

“So you can see a lot of the information which could appear in the Gaokao.

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“I’ll give an example, China’s speed.

“The topic shows the power of a big country, as no other country could do epidemic, prevention and control in such a big country as well as China has done.

“If your political thinking is incorrect, your scores won’t be high, for example, if you insult the Government in your writing.

“I think loving your motherland is the bottom line.

“We discourage students from writing something related too closely to politics.”

Last month a Taiwanese politician, Democratic Progressive Party Legislator, Wang Ting-Yu, told Sky News that the Taiwanese government does not trust the information it receives from China and therefore scopes the internet for signals.

Mr Wang said they found information on the internet that suggested Wuhan was suffering from a disease similar to SARS and as a result, the Taiwanese Government implemented three procedures in a bid to limit the coronavirus outbreak. 

Explaining their response to the COVID outbreak, Mr Wang said: “We in Taiwan never trust the Chinese government so we have to get information elsewhere and we located a SARs like illness on the internet in 2019.

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“We are very alert to information or a signal from China because formal information from the Chinese Government we need to really think about.

“In December 2019 there was a signal we found from China through the internet, we found that some SARS-like disease had happened in Wuhan so when we noticed that signal, we took several procedures.”

He continued: “Firstly, we undertook an epidemic prevention process so on December 31, 2019, we decided to ban flights from Wuhan to Taiwan.

“Secondly, we established a commanding system of experts, doctors and academics to do the commanding job, not the politicians. From then on, the whole Taiwan Government followed instructions from the commanding system.

“Thirdly we made an inventory of all the resources we need and how many we have.”

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