Christmas games and quizzes – the best brainteasers to play in 2020

On a Christmas that will have a strong emphasis on small get-togethers of only your nearest and dearest, a Christmas game could be a fun way to make sure the day is still one full of fun and laughter – despite an undeniably tough year for us all. Keep scrolling to see the six Christmas games we know will make the celebrations even more fun.

A good game for when you’ve had a few to man Christmas cocktails to learn a whole set of rules, all you need to do is aim the inflatable rings onto Rudolph’s antlers.

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This game has an emphasis on being sneaky and playing tricks on your fellow players.

The thing with this game is that the game doesn’t end until someone wins, so you have to keep on high alert throughout the festivities, you never know what someone could be planning.

RRP: £9.99

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