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Although there have been no reported cases in the Falkland Islands, a plane approximately holding 238 foreigners and tourists is en route to mainland Argentina. According to Argentine publication, Clarin, the plane will take the foreigners and tourists to the city of Cordoba where officials from Argentina will meet them.

Minister of Transportation for Argentina, Mario Meoni, also declared restrictions on certain airlines landing on the mainland between March 20 and March 25.

Any travellers arriving in the Falklands must also quarantine as the government tightens restrictions to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

The government on the islands has “strongly advised” tourists and foreigners to leave the archipelago as it cannot guarantee further flights leaving the Islands.

Cruises entering the Falklands will only be allowed to dock if passengers have been on board for at least 10 days and if none suffer from symptoms of COVID-19.

Despite measures to limit access to the island, the government did admit that it could not prevent the global pandemic hitting the archipelago.

On mainland South America, Chile has reported the highest number of cases with 342, although there have been no confirmed deaths.

In Europe, however, cases have risen sharply over the last few days.

Today, Italy overtook China in terms of mortalities as a further 427 people were reported to have died, bring the total to 3,405 at the time of writing. 

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“We are confronted with an exogenous, global shock that has no precedents in modern history.

“And as political leaders we are called to make necessary, bold, yet tragic choices.”

Mr Conte’s calls to use the full extent of the fund was supported by France, as the government also called for urgent action.

Speaking as multiple countries across the continent struggle to cope with the economic impact of the virus, France’s finance minister, Bruno Le Maire warned another eurozone crisis could soon be at hand.

He said: “Either the eurozone responds in a united manner to the economic crisis and emerges stronger, or it is all over the place and is in danger of disappearing.”

France itself has recorded 372 deaths out of 19,995 cases in the country. 

Such is the severity of the pandemic, the country is likely to extend its two-week lockdown to try to slow the virus down. 

Additional reporting Maria Ortega. 

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