Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2020

Coronavirus: First Dates waitress Laura Tott contracts COVID-19 after working as paramedic | Ents & Arts News

First Dates waitress Laura Tott has tested positive for COVID-19 after working as an NHS paramedic.

Aside from her role on the Channel 4 reality show, the 25-year-old has been tackling the coronavirus outbreak on the frontline.

Tott, who became a fully registered paramedic 12 months ago, said she wanted to let fans know why she had been out of action for a while.

She wrote on Instagram: “Today’s been a weird one, kinda knew I had contracted it but actually hearing the word ‘positive’ threw me a little.

“I know I’ve been quieter on social media recently but I’ve felt like absolute rubbish. Never had any form of flu before so I’m not handling it well. Never slept so much!

“Just wanna thank every single person who is staying in their house and doing their bit still, let’s all beat this Rona b****. Just wanna say that I am ok, just feels like a really bad cold.”

Tott, who used to be a member of the Royal Navy, said she also wanted to let people know about her symptoms, which did not fit in with the much-publicised fever and cough.

Laura Tott. Pic: Channel 4
Tott qualified last April, but still appears on the dating show. Pic: Channel 4

She wrote: “So I’m one of the lucky ones. Wanna spread awareness, My first symptoms were complete loss of taste and smell, and then felt like I had sinusitis, I think these symptoms need to be taken way more seriously.

“I had no cough or fever at first, and still have no cough now. Stay safe and well everyone! Netflix recommendations welcome, it’s gonna be a long week for me.”

Presenter Cherry Healy responded to the post, saying: “Oh sweetheart sending you so so much love get well too for more shenanigans”.

Other TV stars to have tested positive for COVID-19 include Byker Grove actress Donna Air, former Page 3 model Linda Lusardi and TV magician Dynamo.

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Last month Tott shared a photo with a fellow paramedic, responding to the Clap for our Carers initiative, which shows appreciation to key workers every Thursday at 8pm.

She wrote: “That applause last night was unbelievable. Something I’ll never forget. Even brought a tear to my eye! Thank you, and you to every member of the NHS.

“Thank you to the delivery drivers, the other emergency services, the carers, the shop workers, the PT’s offering home workouts, and every other key worker out there. Never known kindness like the last couple of weeks.”

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