Published On: Fri, Apr 24th, 2020

Coronavirus latest: Westminster Bridge ‘clowns’ ignore lockdown rules again for NHS clap | World | News

Pictures and videos have emerged of people clearly not adhering to social distancing rules. ‘Clap for carers’ has become a weekly event during the pandemic where people show their gratitude to our frontline NHS workers. The Westminster Bridge lack of compliance has particularly upset those people who have not been able to hold funerals for their loved ones who have died from COVID-19 due to the lockdown rules.

Last week Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick was blasted for taking part in the Westminster Bridge clap and standing too close to other people.

Tory MP Lucy Allan shared an image of the streams of people clapping on Westminster Bridge on Twitter, while questioning why people can’t say goodbye to their loved ones when this is allowed to happen.

The MP said: “How did this happen again?

“You can’t comfort your loved ones on their death bed, but it’s fine to go to Westminster Bridge and have a party on a Thursday.”

Another Twitter user described it as a “total mockery of NHS, Government and Police warnings”.

One Twitter user questioned why people could not go back to work when people were being allowed to clap.

They said: “People are sat at home earning nothing whilst people go to a bridge to clap.

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“Does the virus disappear at 8pm every Thursday on Westminster Bridge?”

Speaking of the same scene last week, Dr Damir Rafi from nearby St Thomas’ Hospital said: “I’m a doctor working at the hospital that’s right there. And yes, I was also somewhat perplexed by the lack of social distancing.”

Some social media users have questioned Sadiq Khan as to how this was allowed to happen.

The Mayor of London tweeted today: “The most effective way of keeping our frontline workers safe is by staying at home and only travelling if your journey is essential.”

Although the number of COVID-19 cases are stabilising, the Government has urged the public to continue to adhere to the lockdown.

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