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Coronavirus map LIVE: Test website re-opens with slots available NOW after page crashed | UK | News

Speaking at the Number 10 briefing on Friday afternoon, Grant Shapps announced more slots had opened up on the government website for key workers to book a coronavirus test. He said, “the site has been brought back up around now for people to book sites, it will then close off again, more will then become available tomorrow and so on”. It comes as the UK reported an additional 684 coronavirus deaths and 5,386 cases in the past 24 hours.

It brings the total death toll in the UK to 19,506 deaths and 143,464 cases.

The Department of Health and Social Care wrote on Twitter: “As of 9am 24 April, 612,031 tests have concluded, with 28,532 tests on 23 April.

“444,222 people have been tested of which 143,464 tested positive. As of 5pm on 23 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 19,506 have sadly died.

The latest statistics represent a rise after a decrease yesterday.

It comes as the UK Government is under pressure to share its lockdown exit strategy. Wales and Scotland have announced a roadmap to relaxing restrictions.

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted it is “too soon” to scrap social distancing measures.



The UK’s coronavirus death toll has risen by 761, according to the latest figures (Image: GETTY)

Saturday April 25

1.10am update: Pompeo warning 

Mike Pompeo the US Secretary of State has warned the US might not start funding the WHO again. 

Washington pulled out of funding the WHO and Mr Pompeo said:  “Even more than that, it may be the case that the United States can never return to underwriting, having U.S. taxpayer dollars go to the WHO.”

Talking on a radio programme, Mr Pompeo suggested the US might look to set up an alternative: 

“We’re going to take a look at exactly that issue.

“If the institution works and functions, the United States will always lead and be part of it.

“When it’s not delivering, when in fact it’s failing to get the outcomes that are desired, we’re going to work with partners around the world to deliver a structure, a form, a governance model, that will actually deliver on the intended purposes.”

donald trump

Donald Trump has acknowldged cheques were sent to people who are no longer living (Image: GETTY)

12.10am update: IRS send cheques to people no longer living 

The US government has sent $1,200 (£970) stimulus cheques to Americans to help revive the economy. 

However, there have been reports that cheques written out who have passed away. 

Trump explained:  “Sometimes you can send a check to somebody wrong. 

“Sometimes people are listed, they die and they get a check.

“That can happen.”

But, he insisted:  “We’ll get that back.” 

Friday April 24

11.10pm update: FBI raid medical spa

FBI agents have raided the Allure Medical Spa in Shelby, Michigan according to Newsweek. 

The spa was offering vitamin CV injections as a treatment for coronavirus. 

No arrests or charged were made. 

Spokeswoman Maria Schneider explained:  “The investigation includes allegations that the clinic provided fraudulent treatments for Covid-19, and that the clinic did not observe proper protocols to protect patients and staff from the virus,

“If any patients or staff have any concerns about their health or exposure to Covid-19, we urge them to consult a trusted healthcare provider immediately.” 

Allure did not respond to Newsweek’s request for comment. 

10.10pm update: Photographers face threats 

The British Press Photographers’ Association has written an open letter following reports of assault and threats to photographers by members of staff. 

BPPA chairman Lindsey Parnaby told press trade magazine Press Gazette:  “I was more annoyed than anything.

“When you work in the media for 30 years you get called names at certain times, but being physically assaulted is a different thing.”

There have been reports of photographers being spat at and kicked.

Gursimran Hans has taken over live reporting from Luke Hawker. 

8.40pm update: Ireland death toll surpasses 1,000

Coronavirus deaths in Ireland have reached 1,014, Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan has confirmed.

8.00pm update: Donald Trump’s so-called ‘game-changer’ coronavirus drug trials cut short as patients die

Donald Trump’s hopes of using the anti-malarial drug chloroquine to treat coronavirus have been dashed after it was found to have a “primary outcome” of death.

Researchers have cut short a study testing the drug after some patients developed irregular heart rates and more than 20 died.

The drug had previously been described as a “game changer” by the US President.

The study sponsored by the Brazilian state of Amazonas was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

coronavirus UK

UK coronavirus map live (Image: EXPRESS)

7.30pm update: More than 40,000 Britons try to book coronavirus test

More than 46,000 people tried to book a coronavirus test on the Government’s new website, but tests ran out soon after it went live.

Over 10 million key workers and their households are now eligible for Covid-19 tests as the Government races to hit its 100,000-a-day testing target by next Thursday.

6.50pm update: 304 prisoners test positive for COVID-19

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed a total of 304 prisoners across 69 jails have tested positive for coronavirus.

6.30pm update: Italy records lowest daily death count for over a month

Italy has recorded a further 420 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours – the lowest daily figure since March 19.

The total number of fatalities in Italy now stands at 25,969.

6.00pm update: UK lockdown could be ended with help of pioneering mobile passport app says developer

Tech experts from The Open University (OU) have developed the world’s first digital application to certify COVID-19 immunity test results, with the Professor spearheading the scheme saying it offers a way out of lockdown – provided scientists can develop a reliable antibodies test.

Researchers from the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute have built a prototype mobile phone app which will enable instant verification of tamper-proof coronavirus test results and vaccination certificates. 

The Government has been discussing plans to help the British public get back to work, especially frontline staff who have already recovered from the virus, and the use of immunity passports to verify fitness to work.

Professor John Domingue, Director of the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute, said his app was ready to be rolled out as soon as immunity tests become a reality, offering a swift route back to work for many

5.28pm update: Warning ahead of another warm weekend

With the UK set for more warm weather this weekend, the Transport Secretary delivered a warning.

Mr Shapps said: “The country has done incredibly well in adhering to social distancing and there is a danger as we go into yet another warm sunny weekend that people think that perhaps these graphs are showing that the peak is over.”

He added: “It isn’t over, we’re riding perhaps, we hope, a downward trend but it is by no means, no means established yet. When people ask me when will the measures, the social distancing, the stay at home measures, be altered, my answer in some ways is that some of this lies in your own hands.

“The more we adhere to it and are strict about the social distancing that is required, the faster that decision will be able to be made.

“But that decision will, of course, be made entirely on the advice of science and medical advice.”

5.20pm update: Transport Secretary insists more testing slots available

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps insisted more slots were available for key workers to get tested for coronavirus.

Speaking at the Number 10 briefing, he said: “There were reports the website had crashed. It hadn’t. The slots for today were taken up.

“We have seen in the past few days this difference between the capacity available and the number of tests done.

“16,000 of those were booked during the first period of it being online. And the site has been brought back up around now for people to book sites, it will then close off again, more will then become available tomorrow and so on.”

5.17pm update: Lockdown to end sooner if restrictions respected

Mr Shapps said the current UK coronavirus lockdown will end sooner if motorists and others only make essential journeys.

5.14pm update: Green light for drone trials delivering medication

The Transport Secretary said the Government has given the green light for drone trials to deliver medication to take place.

“I fast-tracked trials to begin next week to carry medical supplies and equipment,” Shapps told a news conference, adding that they would initially see drones carry supplies to a hospital on the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of England.

5.10pm update: Freight routes to remain open

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said an agreement has been reached with the French and Irish Governments to keep freight routes open.

4.10pm update: Professor Whitty confirms areas around COVID-19 still unknown to experts

Professor Chris Whitty has said there are still some areas around the coronavirus that the scientific community does not have answers for.

Speaking at the Science and Technology Committee, he said: “We were starting off with a completely new disease, very large degree of uncertainty at the beginning.”

He added: “There are still quite significant areas of science where we have considerable uncertainty and some areas of science where we have to say we simply don’t know.

“And we might want to come back to that later in the session because some of the areas, some of the critical bits of information, we still do not know the answer.”

3.45pm update: Varadkar says coronavirus social distancing ‘hurting us all’

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said the emotional impact of social distancing due to the coronavirus lockdown was hurting everyone.

He said: “We follow restrictions, are staying at home and taking a painful decision to distance ourselves physically from friends and family.

“The emotional impact of distancing is hurting us all.

“We are anxious about the future and feel guilty when we compare our situation to others.

“Above all we need to look after ourselves. There are three simple things we can do to look after ourselves.

“Sometimes we need to be reminded that it is OK to acknowledge what we are feeling, we are lonely but we are not alone in this.”

3.30pm update: UK coronavirus deaths passes 19,000

The Department for Health has confirmed a further 684 patients have died from coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

As of 5pm on Thursday the total number of COVID-19 fatalities now stands at 19,506.

2.55pm update: Pharmacies urge public to be patient when picking up prescriptions

Pharmacists are calling on the public to be “patient and considerate” when using their services.

Guidance issued by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) says that providers are under “enormous pressure” following increased demand caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Reports of rude and aggressive behaviour towards pharmacy staff are “totally unacceptable”, it added.

2.15pm update: England Covid-19 death toll rises by 587

England’s coronavirus death toll has increased by 587 to 17,373, NHS England has announced.

2.10pm update: Wales records further 110 coronavirus deaths

Wales has reported 110 more Covid-19 deaths, taking the total to 751.

1.40pm update: Downing Street declines to say when PM will return from work

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said Boris Johnson is continuing his recovery at Chequers.

The spokesman said: “He’s receiving updates on the response and obviously has been taking part in the call with the president and his audience with Her Majesty, but he’s not doing red box in the usual way.

“In terms of when he is actually able to get back to work in Number 10 he will take the advice of his medical team on that.”

1.15pm update: Disinfectant should not be injected, manufacturer warns

The company which makes Dettol has warned disinfectant should not be injected or consumed.

It comes after US President Donald Trump suggested it would be “interesting to check” if a disinfectant injection could help coronavirus.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump suggested it would be “interesting to check” if a disinfectant injection could help cor (Image: GETTY)

1pm update: Scotland coronavirus death toll increases by 64

A total of 1,184 patients have died in Scotland after testing positive for Covid-19, a rise of 64 from 1,120 on Thursday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said.

12.15pm update: Government stops accepting applications for key worker coronavirus tests

The part of the website set up for key workers to book coronavirus tests was not accepting new applications by mid-morning on Friday.

The message said: “Coronavirus test: applications closed. You can’t currently register for a Covid-19 test. Please check back here later.

“If you need any information and advice on Covid-19, read our pages on coronavirus.”

The Department of Health tweeted: “There has been significant demand for booking tests today.

“We apologise for any inconvenience. We are continuing to rapidly increase availability. More tests will be available tomorrow.”

11.40am update: Leading professor urges Government to reveal lockdown exit strategy

Professor Karol Sikora has called on the Government to be open with the public about plans to ease the lockdown.

The chief medical officer of Rutherford Health and ex-director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) cancer programme tweeted: “The UK is already edging out of lockdown.

“Construction sites and DIY stores are opening, roads are busier, Parliament is partially sitting.

“To do this as safely as possible the Government needs to guide the release – the British public can digest two messages at once.”

10.55am update: Spain’s daily coronavirus death toll drops to 367

Spain recorded 367 further coronavirus deaths on Friday.

The country has the second highest death toll in Europe after Italy.

10.25am update: Children’s nurse dies after testing positive for coronavirus

A children’s nurse has died after testing positive for coronavirus, her hospital trust has confirmed.

Katy Davis, 38, who had an underlying health condition and had been unwell for a period of time before being admitted to hospital, died on Tuesday at Southampton General Hospital.

A University Hospital Southampton (UHS) spokesman said that she tested positive for the coronavirus on admission to hospital.

10am update: Persimmon latest to reopen construction sites

Persimmon is to restart operations on its sites as construction firms return to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm said it will begin a “phased re-opening” of its sites from Monday April 27 to help complete new homes under construction.

It comes a day after rivals Vistry Group and Taylor Wimpey announced plans to return to work.

9.20am update: Boris Johnson ‘ready to go’ – Trump

US President Donald Trump has said Boris Johnson “sounded incredible” on a call earlier this week.

Mr Trump said: “He was ready to go. It’s like the old Boris. He’s doing great.”

Boris Johnson

US President Donald Trump has said Boris Johnson “sounded incredible” on a call earlier this week (Image: GETTY)

8.35am update: Shadow home secretary says there should be ‘public debate’ on lifting lockdown

Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said there should be a “public debate” about how the UK could lift the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Labour MP said: “The Government needs to be open about its approach to the different options for easing the lockdown, to be transparent about how the different options are going to be considered and how they are going to be evaluated.

“We then can of course look at which sectors are most likely to see restrictions lifted.

“What I would like to see then is a real public debate, looking at the public health options, looking at the economic impact.

“This is so important because the British public are making great sacrifices every day and deserve a Government that is open about its future plans.”

8.20am update: Health Secretary warns it is ‘too soon’ to end social distancing

Asked about First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for lifting lockdown restrictions on Scotland, Matt Hancock said it was still “too soon” to scrap social distancing measures.

He told Good Morning Britain: “I know some people are looking in this space but the truth is it is too soon to make changes to the social distancing rules safely,

“People should follow the social distancing rules because that is what is needed to keep this virus under control.

“It now looks like we are at the peak and the curve has flattened but it wouldn’t take much to lose that grip that we have on it, and that is why we are being very cautious in this space.”

coronavirus testing

Millions of key workers are now eligible for coronavirus tests (Image: GETTY)

8am update: PM ‘on very good form’ – Hancock

Boris Johnson is “on very good form”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

The Prime Minister is continuing his coronavirus recovery at his official country residence Chequers after being discharged from hospital.

Mr Hancock told Sky News: “I’m sure he’ll come back as soon as his doctors recommend it.

“That decision is for the prime minister in consultation with his doctors. I spoke to him yesterday, he’s on very good form and is clearly recovering.”

7.45am update: Millions of key workers now eligible for coronavirus tests

Key workers and their households eligible for coronavirus tests from today as the Government races to meet its 100,000 daily target by the end of the month.

NHS and social care staff, police officers, teachers, social workers, undertakers, journalists and those who work in supermarkets and food production are among those now able to register for a test on the website if they have symptoms.

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