Published On: Fri, May 8th, 2020

Coronavirus news: Virus will be back in winter says German minister | World | News

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Mr Altmaier said a second wave of Covid-19 will happen. However, he claimed that testing, tracing and high levels of medical care can keep Germany’s new cases as low as possible.

The minister said: “This is not only a deeply humanitarian argument, it is – when I speak in my capacity as minister of the economy – it is also an economic.

“Because when you have to switch from liberalising to shutdown again and this two or three times, then it would have disastrous consequences for the economy.”

Mr Altmaier stated the purpose of Germany’s planning is to keep the pandemic under control.

He asserted: “So all our – the purpose of all our planning – just is to keep the pandemic controllable in terms of numbers, in terms of needs for intensive care.


“And that means the virus certainly will be back in winter.”

“But if we can by applying testing, by providing a tracing app – voluntary one – by providing best available medical care, then we can keep new cases as low as possible.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that coronavirus restrictions in the country will be eased.

Although minimum social distancing and hygiene rules continue to apply, shops are reopening as restrictions ease.

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In a video meeting with minister-presidents of the country’s federal states, Ms Merkel said Germany is still in an early stage of the pandemic.

She said: “I think we can safely state that the very first phase of the pandemic is behind us.

“But we need to be very much aware we are still in the early phases and we’ll be in it for the long haul.”

Bavarian leader, Markus Söder, reportedly said that Germany is doing better than many other countries because it had taken a good strategy nationally and regionally with everyone remaining patient.

The country’s numbers of new cases has been consistently low and decreasing since early April.

Germany has had only 7,510 reported coronavirus deaths whereas the UK has a total of 31,241 reported fatalities.

Germany’s football league, Bundesliga, has also been given the green light this week to resume.

Schools in Germany are said to be gradually reopening in the summer term.

Mr Altmaier said he sees no sign of the infection rate rising in Germany.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight he said: “In total you have a decline in the number of infections for now at least, four weeks in a row.”

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