Coronavirus UK: Piers Morgan calls 200,000 test capacity “meaningless” | UK | News

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been highly critical of the government throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks, he has slated the government’s defence of Dominic Cummings. He has also bemoaned a reported embargo of the programme by the government due to complaints he has been too aggressive in his questioning of the government’s response strategy.

It comes after the Health Secretary announced that the UK’s coronavirus testing capacity has reached 200,00 a day early.

According to the Department for Health and Social Care, a total of 205,634 tests were available on Saturday.

This includes the capacity for 40,000 antibody tests a day which are currently available to NHS staff and care workers, to determine whether they have had the virus.

It was also announced that surveillance testing is under way to help trace infection, with over 250,000 of the new tests conducted so far.

Mr Hancock continued: “This is by no means the end of our ramping up of testing.

“We will continue to build upon the tremendous work so far, exploring new technology and deliver even more test results.”

Professor John Newton, national testing co-ordinator, added: “The expansion of our testing capacity has allowed us to take important steps to control the virus, including the introduction of a world-class contact tracing service that will help us to safely ease lockdown over time.

“I am proud to say that anyone in the country who needs a test can get one, regardless of where in the country they are.

“We will continue to develop and grow our testing capabilities, to learn more about transmission of the virus and how it has previously spread.”

The same day, Piers Morgan tweeted in response to official government data: “Ninth consecutive day the number of people tested is ‘unavailable’.

“What the hell are you hiding Matt Hancock? Give us the numbers.”

The UK has seen a total of 274,762 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Of that number, 38,489 have died from the virus, a figure which is the highest in Europe.

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