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Doris Grinspun, the President of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, and Dr Colin Lee, an infectious disease specialist, warned the public against forgetting their phones could also help spread coronavirus. While speaking on CBC News with host Andrew Chang, the two experts warned phone surfaces could maintain the disease for hours, causing a huge risk to owners. Mr Chang admitted to touching his phone more than he does his face as he conceded people were unclear what the best action was to take regarding protecting their phones from harbouring the deadly disease.

The CBC presented said: “I touch mine more than I touch my face.

“What do people need to know about how clean they ought to be keeping their phones?

“Do I need to disinfect this because the virus can live on this sort of surface?”

Ms Grinspun said: “So let’s start with hand-washing.

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“I will be so happy for everybody that is hand washing regularly in the way they should for the amount of time they should and using the techniques they should.

“Yes, they need to be cleaning their phone and not taking it into the washroom.

“They need to clean it and they can clean it with hand sanitiser, it is as simple as that.”

Dr Lee explained the importance of washing your hands as this could help prevent the disease from surviving on phone surfaces.

Of the cases, 64,254 have recovered and 47,658 are currently sick with the officially named COVID-19 virus.

Most cases are in China at 80,760 in the city of Wuhan where the virus originated.

The death toll is the highest in China at 3,136, but Italy is in second with 463, followed by Iran with 291 deaths.

The increasing number of cases in Italy forced the Italian Government to put the whole country in quarantine starting from Tuesday.

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