Daily horoscope for April 15: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Sun continues its Square with Pluto and Jupiter this Wednesday, magnifying everything in your horoscope out of all proportion. Today is consequently considered to create a crisis point during this turbulent period.

Gas giant Jupiter and Pluto previously met ten days ago.

However, astrological advocates can now expect the repercussions of this cosmic combination to hit finally hit home.

A cascade of realisations will arrive in earnest, meaning people may have to face some tricky home truths.

With Mercury conjunct Chiron, difficult conversations will unfortunately arrive.

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Now is the time to take responsibility, but at the same time putting friends and community first.

The Moon travels from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus and bad feeling could well lead to some unexpected outbreaks.

Catch those in the air by prioritising matters concerning your horoscope.

Try to avoid allowing resentments to return and bite you by surprise at this time.

A lunar sextile with Chiron and Mercury is also in play in your horoscope ope trios Wednesday.

Astrologers argue this is the ticket to defuse all this tension.

Today is, therefore, your opportunity to air any dirty laundry.

Say why you are hurt and describe what bothers you so.

Now is the ideal time to explore how to make things better.

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