Daily horoscope for April 25: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The start to your weekend kicks-off with Mercury forming a Square with stationary Pluto in Capricorn. Unfortunately for your horoscope, this aspect involves significantly raised emotions.

Pluto has been terrorising our planet for a long time, from an astrological perspective.

Now, thanks to this distant planet, tensions are reaching boiling point.

The last thing you need at this time is Mercury in Aries hitting you where it hurts – but expect this to happen today.

Communications carry a dangerous edge so, perhaps, this is not the best time to look for answers to difficult questions.

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Although the whole nightmare will not disappear, the terror fortunately might.

Pluto has been terrorising the planet ever since it was brought under the influence of Jupiter.

This cosmic combination has allowed the gas giant to spread the message of powerlessness and fear on a global scale.

This era is thankfully now over, meaning it is now time for Pluto to take a break.

This Mercury-Aries aspect can cause people to say things they would otherwise never utter.

Star sign Aries has never been known for its tact.

And Mercury could launch some powerful recriminations and attacks of its today.

On a positive note, this Saturday is time to speak the truth.

Although, on the flip side, this can cause unwarranted exaggerations.

This is because Mercury heads toward today/s Square with Jupiter.

The irresistible temptation is, therefore, to use big, important-sounding words at this time.

As notorious chatterbox of a Gemini Moon arises in the skies this Saturday.

This Moon harmonises with Saturn and Chiron, meaning it may be easier to tackle some difficult topics.

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