Daily horoscope for August 11: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday’s begins with the Taurus Moon emerging from Mercury and Uranus. Earth’s natural satellite then proceeds to create a third quarter Trine with Jupiter in Capricorn.

A Trine in astrology usually relates to flow, with planets in a harmonious angle of support.

Astrologers agree this aspect is a very good turn of events.

Tuesday is consequently a time to change your perspective.

Perhaps take some time to reappraise where you are prepared to question entrenched ideas.

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The gas giant Jupiter is here to help provide a positive and more hopeful perspective.

And the distant planet Neptune is also here to help soften your heart with compassion and even love.

So although you have been through some ups and downs, you should be able to see a way forward this Tuesday.

As the Moon and Sun align with Jupiter and Neptune, expect a revelation of some sort to occur.

The Sun today is engaged in a mystic conversation with Jupiter and Neptune, meaning inspiration may arrive.

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