Disney movies quiz questions and answers: 15 Disney questions for your home pub quiz | Films | Entertainment

8) Mike Wachowski and James P. Sullivan are the main characters in which Pixar movie?

9) Which Hans Christian Anderson story is Frozen based on?

10) Who played the original twins in the 1961 movie The Parent Trap? (Bonus: Who played the twins in its 1998 remake?)

11) In which year was the first Pirates of The Caribbean movie released? (Bonus: What was it called?)

12) Which Disney animation follows the romance of two animals, who mistakenly eat the same piece of spaghetti at the same time?

13) Which Disney princess’s dress changes colour as she dances with her prince at the end of the movie?

14) What are the three children called in The Incredibles?

15) Who plays Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries?

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