Donald Trump savaged for ‘futile’ coronavirus travel ban and key error on epidemic | World | News

President Donald Trump issued a travel ban on 26 European nations in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus earlier this week. TalkRadio host Dan Wootton engaged in a heated row with Donald Trump supporter and Republican Peter Lumaj over the travel ban during his show. Mr Wootton claimed the ban would prove “absolutely futile” as it was still allowing US citizens to travel to and from the banned European nations.

He added the disease was already in the United States and would continue to spread regardless of the ban.

Mr Wootton said: “If you are allowing Americans to fly to and from Europe, this travel ban is going to be absolutely futile.

“It’s a political move is the point I am trying to make.

“You have politicised it again by talking about how the American people will decide if Trump made a good decision in the November election.

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“Do you not understand? This is life or death, this is not about an election.”

Mr Lumaj said: “President Donald Trump understands the threat that is coming to the United States right now.

“The coronavirus is coming from the European Union.”

Mr Wootton angrily interrupted and said: “It is already there in America.

“You have got it, Peter, you have got hundreds of cases.”

“It is out and it is out everywhere, do you not get it?”

The Republican activist continued to commend President Trump for his actions against the coronavirus.

He also attacked Europe for their “liberal politically correct” policies that he claimed had led to the further spread of the disease.

Mr Wootton argued that he was frustrated that the health issue was being turned in a political one where countries are battling one another and shifting blame.

At the time of writing the US has a total of 2,175 cases of the coronavirus.

The US has confirmed 47 deaths and at least 12 people have recovered from having the illness.

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