Published On: Wed, Dec 1st, 2021

Donald Trump: ‘We had no problems with Russia and China’ Former President turns on Biden | Politics | News

The former President spoke with Nigel Farage in an exclusive interview on GB News. The tycoon spoke openly and honestly about the election last year, the riots on Capitol Hill – and even touched on Meghan and Harry and their impact on the Royal Family.

But in the candid interview, the 75-year-old took fresh aim at Joe Biden over his relationship with both Russia and China.

The former UKIP leader and current Brexit leader asked: “Where is America in the world right now?

Mr Trump replied: “I think we are at the lowest point it’s ever been at.

“I don’t think it has ever been in a position like this.

“We are not respected anymore.”

He also referred to the ongoing relations with Taiwan – which are diminishing each day between the US and the country.

Mr Trump added: “Taiwan wasn’t even mentioned when I was President.

“It is not good if you have bombers flying over your country every day.”

But The Donald seemed to suggest Joe Biden was making things worse, as he made reference to what his relationship was like with Russia during his time at President.

He said: “With Russia, I had no problem.”

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The former President also spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement – which became a focal point of his time in office.

Mr Trump said: “Yeah, well, it’s shocking that it started off, you know, with pigs in a blanket, right?

“You know that, right? You know, the expression, ‘fry them like bacon’?

“And they were, that was about our police, our great police.

“And all of a sudden this becomes mainstream. I don’t really think so.

“And Antifa, bad, very bad.

“And they had Antifa in that rally, they had Antifa leading a lot of people on that day in January.

“And I will say that it’s pretty incredible that nothing happens to them, but on the other side, this has been going on for many years.”

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