Dropbox’s password manager and secure vault are available today, but only for paid users

Dropbox’s new password manager, secure vault for sensitive files, and computer backup features will be available to all users globally on Wednesday, the company announced. But you won’t have access to the password manager or secure vault unless you’re on a certain paid Dropbox tier. The features were first revealed on June 16th, but launched in beta at the time.

The password manager, called Dropbox Passwords, can store your passwords and logins you use around the web and autofill them when you’re signing into websites. The feature works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and your passwords will sync across devices. Dropbox Passwords will be available on the paid Dropbox Plus and Professional plans.

Image: Dropbox

The vault feature, Dropbox Vault, gives you a section within your Dropbox locked with a PIN to store things like your driver’s license or health records. If you want, you can also selectively share access to just that folder so that an approved person can access those files in case of an emergency. Vault will only be available for Dropbox Plus users.

And with the computer backup feature, you can have Dropbox back up files of your choice from your PC or Mac automatically. Computer backup will be available on Dropbox’s free Basic plan as well as on the Plus and Professional plans.

Dropbox is also unveiling new features for Dropbox Professional users. One will let organizations will be able to brand Dropbox files that they share by adding a logo, company name, and background images.

A branded link from Dropbox.
Image: Dropbox

And Professional subscribers will also get the ability to track insights about a Dropbox link, such as who visited a shared link, when they visited it, and whether a visitor just viewed a file or downloaded it.

Link insights from Dropbox.
Image: Dropbox

Dropbox says the branded links and traffic insights will be available to Professional subscribers today, and they’ll be coming “soon” to Dropbox Business users.

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