Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

Dunkirk: Aneurin Barnard says ‘nothing shocks him’ after acting for Christopher Nolan | Films | Entertainment

“Forget the story, forget the actors, forget everything else – I’d watch it just to see that!

“We were pretty much where this would have taken place – in Canada, Quebec. It was about an hour away from the main city of Quebec – we were in the middle of nowhere.”

The series follows a small settlement and a murder most foul which raises suspicions of the British Army.

Although everything in the show looks real, Barnard explained it actually was.

“Basically they felled thousands of trees,” he went on. “And used everything they cut to build the set with. All these log cabins, these inns the marketplace – everything. Everything was there.

“We had animals that stayed there, we had cabbages that were growing there. It was literally just walking into a different world every single day.”

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