Published On: Sun, Nov 28th, 2021

Elvis and the Bond Girl: Ursula Andress ‘wanted him bad’ – ‘Priscilla was worried’ | Films | Entertainment

Elvis had apparently replied to Fortas’ teasing over a flirtatin with Ursula: “No way, son, not with John Derek lurking all over the place. I’d be godd*mned if I’d start a conversation with her and see his possessive eyes glaring at me.

“You know he gave her a car, and on the steering wheel it said, ‘Baby, you’re indispensable.’ Head over heels in love with her. Never saw anything like it.”

The King famously had a rule he established for himself and the Memphis Mafia from the beginning.

West added: “Elvis told us never to leave him alone with her. It’s because he had a thing: he never went for married women.”

But that wasn’t all, in this case.

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