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Elvis Presley had a long career before his untimely death. He sang songs in musicals, released singles, and was someone who fans still adore to this day. But now fans can decide which is their favourite song from The King.

Elvis Presley had a huge number of hits, so many it is very difficult to decide which is his best song.

Now, fans can make a decision on which songs they think really wowed them, based on a list of songs which hit Number One in the UK charts, not including remixes or reissues.

Of course, not only did Elvis’ songs come from his albums, but also his musicals, with songs such as Jailhouse Rock dominating the charts.


There were some surprising songs which did not make it to Number One in the UK, however, given Elvis Presley never toured the UK, this could be part of the reason.

Fans will know due to the situation of Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, he was never permitted to perform outside the USA.

Colonel Tom Parker was a young Dutch man when he boarded a ship to America, and, according to reports, he never availed himself to the 1940 Alien Registration Act, meaning he was allegedly ineligible for citizenship in the USA.

As a result, if this is the case, he would have been uncertain of his ability to return to the USA after tours, meaning he would have attempted to prevent his acts from performing overseas.

Elvis did, however, perform three concerts abroad, though all three of these were in Canada which, at the time, did not require a passport.

As well as this, Colonel Tom Parker did not accompany Elvis to all of these shows, and he did not always accompany his acts to American shows, so there have often been questions about why The King could not go overseas.

These questions were raised in earnest during Elvis’ career, when he was offered a huge contract to perform in Australia in 1974, according to The Elvis Encyclopaedia.

This was turned down by Colonel Tom Parker, despite it being worth $1million (£800,000) which would have been worth even more in those days.

In the UK, Elvis grew to more prominence in the 1960s, despite the fact the Beatles were beginning to take over much of the younger audiences.

Elvis had a large number of top hits in this decade, though some of his most famous songs, including Suspicious Minds, never reached the top of the chart.

Both in the UK and the USA Elvis had four Number One albums, and though not every single made it to the top, he still holds the records for the most UK and USA Number One singles.

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