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The King of Rock and Roll got up to all kinds of mischief over the years, but did you know he once wore a prostitute’s wig? The reveal was made by Elvis Presley’s cousin Billy Smith on his son’s YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid. And it turns out the incident took place one night at the movies.

Elvis, Billy and other Memphis Mafia members were seated in a movie theatre in Memphis, Tennessee when the police found out The King was there. 

They wanted to meet him and Elvis was a big supporter of local law enforcement so was happy to say hello. 

Leaving his seat with Billy and a couple of the other men they met the police in the lobby.

When they arrived, Elvis asked what they had been up to and the police explained how they had just busted some prostitutes.

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Billy said: “I saw it was going nowhere and I thought this would be a good idea.

“I said, ‘Elvis, what if these wigs have got head lice?’”

The King immediately threw it off saying, ‘You had to ruin it didn’t you?’

To which Billy replied: “But nobody knew you had it on anyway!”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of documentary film Elvis That’s The Way It Is.

The 1970 movie followed The King in the early days of his Las Vegas residency.

It’s set to return to UK cinemas for one night only on April 22, 2020.

However, it could well be postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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