Elvis Presley: Graceland archives reveal secret that The King wore clip-on ties | Music | Entertainment

The latest Inside Graceland archives video saw a look at Elvis Presley’s scarfs but also revealed a secret fans may not know about The King. This new video on the official Graceland Instagram was labelled: “While Graceland is closed, we’ll bring Graceland to you! We’re back inside the top-secret Graceland Archives facility, taking a closer look at some of the unique items in Elvis’ scarf collection. Check em’ out!”

In the video, Graceland’s Director of Archives Angie Marchese said: “This time I decided I would show you some of my favourite things in the collection.

“And this time it happens to be Elvis’ personal scarf collection.

“Elvis is so known for giving out scarfs on stage.

“It’s something that started when he went back to doing concert tours in the seventies.”

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Angie concluded the video by saying: “Anyway I just thought I’d show some of these fun little scarfs with you.

“I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy and are planning to come visit us here in Memphis real soon. 

“Bye from Graceland!” 

The home of Elvis has been closed due to the pandemic.

However, aside from broadcasting videos from inside, Graceland have floodlit the front of the Memphis mansion.

The colours are red, white and blue for the American flag.

The patriotic sight reflects the nation’s solidarity during the lockdown.

Fans can view this on the official Graceland website’s live cam.

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